Indonesia company begins exporting fire trucks

Indonesian company PT New Sentosa here Tuesday conducted a maiden shipment of 4 fire trucks to Tanzania in a ceremony attended also by Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu. ANTARA reported (06/24/08). The shipment was part of a US$640,000 order for 15 fire trucks from the African country, the minister said after the ceremony. PT New Sentosa also had a contract to export Euro 1.1 million worth of fire trucks to Sudan, she said.

The Indonesian company won the contracts during an exhibition titled "Rebuild Project in Iraq" held in Amman, Jordan, on May 5-8, 2008.

Besides with Tanzania and Sudan, PT New Sentosa which exports its fire trucks bearing the trade mark "New Sentosa International", had also signed contracts with Nigera, Ghana and Vietnam, according to the minister.

Meanwhile, PT New Sentosa International Director Bambang E. Santosa said his company`s products had a 70-percent local content.

"The price of our product is 10-15 percent lower than other products with the same qualifications," he said.

He said his company would also explore markets in Myanmar, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

PT New Sentosa was facing little domestic or foreign competition to its fire truck production activity "so the opportunities for us to widen our markets at home and abroad are wide open," he said.

The company`s fire truck production capacity now was 40 units per year, he added.